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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Bah Pincode / Post Office Search (AGRA, Uttar Pradesh)

Arnota B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Bamrauli B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Barenda B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Basoni B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Bhadrauli B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Bhalokhara B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Bichola B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Bihari B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Bijhamai B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Biprawali B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Bitholi B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Chamraua B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Chaurangahar B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Chitra Hat B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Dauki B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Gajaura B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Garhwar B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Gonseli B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Kachora Ghat B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Kamtari B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Karkoli B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Khilawali B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Kukapur B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Kukthari B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Kundaul B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Kwari B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Maharajpur B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Maloni B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Manikpura B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Mau B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Nadgawan B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Nagar Chand B.O 283111BahUttar Pradesh
Naugawan B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Parna B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Pharera B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Pidhora B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Pura Kanhera B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Pura Tinnet B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Rajora B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Ratoti B.O 283113BahUttar Pradesh
Reha B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Richhpura B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Rudhmuli B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Sabora B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Sanjeti B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Shiaupura B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Shiv Nagar B.O 283114BahUttar Pradesh
Sidhaoli B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh
Tasond B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Umretha B.O 283123BahUttar Pradesh
Vikrampur B.O 283104BahUttar Pradesh

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